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3D Logic

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what level did you get to?

i got to 20 before i needed a break, and i closed out accidently and continue wouldnt work for me

edit - I figured out how to download it (used VideoDownloader FF extension) do you know how i could make it so it would let me continue where i left off? and what do i need to read a swf, its flash right?


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*yawn* fun game though.


took me about 15 minutes to go through them all. couple of them we're a little difficult rest of them kinda came naturally.

theres 30 levels total.


29 was so hard compared to 30. Kind of a let down ending =/

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yea most of the last ones we're really easy was kinda disappointed that level 30 wasn't some 20 x 20 cube that had 50 diffrent colors on it lol.

hardest ones in my opinion we're 13 and 16.


16 was hard, everything before that was a piece of cake :sick:

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