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Uninstallation - program termination


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:sick: Another problem which I am having difficulties with..

I think I might just reformat my computer soon, after my brother finishes yr 12, I can wipe all his crap which he says he 'needs' atm.. hmm

Well, I got c4d. I had it since yesterday, its working fine. Then all of a sudden, whenever I wanted to render it, it has an error, which auto-terminates the program!

So, I decided to uninstall it, I go to uninstall it, what do you know? There is no shortcut, UNWISE.EXE.. So I cant uninstall it!

What ways, can I cleanly uninstall it? Or prevent the problem happening in the program?

The program, isnt even opening for me now?

Thanks heaps -

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I'd first check in C:\Program Files\<c4d's path here> for the uninstaller.

You may wish to reinstall it and then the issues you had may get resolved, or after reinstalling over it, uninstall.

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