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sound forge re-run


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Being relatively new to computers ( a job and 4 grandchildren don't leave a lot of time! ) I always worry in case I ask a question with a really obvious answer. Anyway-

I used to have sound forge 7 when I was working out how to make ringtones. The novelty wore off, the 30 day trial expired, and I uninstalled. However I kept the link for the download.

The other week someone asked us to make one for them and I clicked on the link and downloaded the software again. To my surprise it let me have it even though during install it said you already have some files on your hardrive shall we overwrite them? ( I did uninstall correctly )

1. How do they apply the 30 day only and no re-install rule

2. When my soundforge 7 runs out in two weeks will I be able to install soundforge 8 for a 30 day trial ?

Thanks :D

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1. I have often wondered that myself, there must be a file somewhere on your hard drive that you can delete, which would then allow you to be able to re-install a piece of trial software.

2. I reckon you would be able to install Soundforge 8, because that is a totally new trial.

Let us know how you get on in a couple of weeks.

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