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a-squared Anti-Malware 2


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Having not tried a-squared since last September, see here.

I just wondered if anyone has given it a shot lately.

It was only seeing in mentioned on Cleaner forums recently that reminded me about it.

I will actually install it and see if it finds anything, whether it be legitimate finds or false positives, but would like others feedback as well.

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I've kept it around, installing it in the first place was such a project that I hated to just dump it. :D Anyway, I though I'd follow the development of it. The update process to 2.0 was a mess, but I haven't had any false positives with the new version. The UI is greatly improved, and it has the ability to quarantine files now (which was a serious lack in the old version). I still like ewido better, but A-Squared 2.0 is a lot less primitive than previous versions.

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