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I can't really say that it's a bug in this site, but this seems like the place to report what I've found out about the problems I was having posting on the Write in Blog and Add News pages.

This problem only occurred in Firefox 1.5 nightly Branch builds from Sept 30 on, and 1.5 Beta 2. It happened with either Littlefox or Microfirefox, both of which are compact themes by Alfred Kayser. I posted this info in the author's thread on the Mozillazine Themes forum, as well.

On the pages involved, I was able to type, but the text appeared in a larger font than it should. Previews appeared normal, but when Submit or Save were clicked, it was like nothing had been entered at all. On the news page, I even got an error message that text must be entered before it can be saved. The text I had entered just vanished.

I suppose it's a bug in those themes, but I thought I'd report it on both ends and let the experts figure that out.

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