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Microsoft puts up first IE7 release candidate

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The release of Internet Explorer 7 is finally just around the corner with Microsoft announcing the availability of Release Candidate 1 (RC1). Some experts are already advising IE6 users to migrate to the new web browser now.

Microsoft maintains that it probably will not need to go to a second release candidate and the feeling is that RC1 is almost the finished product.

The major differences between IE7 RC1 and the previous beta releases are in improved performance and the ability to install it automatically without the need to manually uninstall previous versions. There are also additional language options.

Read more -> ITWire


Cheers from your intrepid webreporter book.gif

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Blah, good point. :D

However, I link directly to these forums and hardly ever go to the front page.

Also, and I'm not disparaging Krit's posting of this or the frontpage itself, but it doesn't allow for discussion. Most people when they read frontpage stuff, do not leave comments but hash it out in the forums (if they're attached).

Hence why I tend to post most of my stuff in here. The other reason is that I tend to web browse for news from work, and sitting behind a Defence Force firewall, it takes a large amount of time to convert my posts to the frontpage using the template. I attempted it once and took over 10 minutes to get it setup and when I went to post I ended up with a time out error from my end and not having copied anything..... well, you can see why I now make fairly short and sharp posts here in the forums.

But, yeah, noted, will check the frontpage first next time.

Cheers :D

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I just downloaded / installed it. It's okay, I guess. It is visually pleasing, but I don't like the fact that the "Stop Loading" and "Refresh" buttons are a mile away from the "Back" and "Forward" buttons. That means that I gotta swing my mouse back and forth to control my page flow. Kind of annoying.

One thing I do like is the new tab button. I think they placed that one well.

All in all, I give IE7 a 6 out of 10. It seems to me that IE7 will always be in a constant state of trying to catch up to FF, so I don't plan on ditching Mozilla any time soon. :D

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