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Microsoft Phishing Filter


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Microsoft are now helping in the fight against Phishing.

After sitting back for so many years whilst third party software creators helped computer users, Microsoft are now definately trying to fight back against the bad guys out there.

(Only trouble is you need to have the MSN toolbar installed to use their anti-phishing tool).

Quote from their website.

Help thwart online scams with Microsoft Phishing Filter

Microsoft Phishing Filter helps identify fraudulent Web sites before you visit them and offers dynamic screening to help protect against online data theft

View Webpage here.

Download MSN toolbar here.

Download Microsoft Phishing Filter here.

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It is only the fact about having to install the toolbar that stopped me from getting it.

I have only ever known one person to actually get a phishing email in real life, and that was my brother last week, luckily he had the sense to mention it to me, and I told him to delete it.

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I think I got a phishing email once. It wanted me to click a link to update my PayPal account information. Pretty lame, since I don't have a PayPal account. Not that I would have been dumb enough to click that link anyway.

I may have gotten others, but I don't usually even open spam emails. I don't think I need a program to protect me from this threat, since I have a brain in my head that's more-or-less functional.

Anybody who's smart enough to use a computer should be able to avoid falling for phishing scams.

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Anybody who's smart enough to use a computer should be able to avoid falling for phishing scams

yanno, the above reminds me of a quote given by Mr B. Gates one day in the distant past.....

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."

Not having a go at you ;) , just thought I'd point out that there are 'numpties' out there who have the intelligence quotient of a dead Lemming when it comes to using PCs. Ergo, they *will* click on the links regardless of what they've been told or what they've seen/read/heard. It's the nature of the beast.

Cheers :lol:

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I have to concede, people are always doing things they ought to know better than to do. And I suppose Microsoft should be applauded for making the internet safer for those who fail to exercise good judgement. That's the core of their customer base, after all.

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