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G'day From DownUnder

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;) G'day folks,

just a short intro from DownUnder.

Currently 44 years young :lol: and getting younger by the beer.... erm year ;)

Ex Military of 20 years and now a public serpent..... ermm servant (we gotta spell checker in here besides DJ? ;) ) working for the Aust Def Dept and am a closet geek.

Stumbled across this forum from over at CCleaner and thought, 'What the Heck, I'm a member of over 15 forums already (last count) and why not dip my toes in here as well?'

As for gaming, seems to be a topic amongst this group, as stated I'm an oldish type fart and play Online RPGs, main game is the good old text variety where the visual input is made by the best PC in the world ----- your mind :P .

If so inclined and interested here's the link DragonRealms.

Well, as a short intro it nearly turned into an epic, but luckily I was able to hear the start of the :zzz: from here and I'll cut it now.


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