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I'm having to... *2


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Changing my way around here... Price may change :D

Please NOTE though: I'm having to replace my current case anyway due.. to the fact that WHOEVER created the case I have now weren't thinking right at the time. I had to cut half of the metal slots of my current Wireless Adpater and my Sound Card. Graphics Card is fine though. The Wireless Adpater and the Sound Card wouldn't fit right so yeah... left with no choice at the time. Sound card and Wireless Adpater will be repalced *Of Course :D

*My current Motherboard and Case...

Current Motherboard

Current Case - Even though it got good reviews the Motherboard I have didn't go well for some reason...

*Links listed below contain my parts I'm buying....

Case Or... would it be better to go for This one.


CD/DVD Combo Drive


Sound Card

Wireless Adpater

Sound System

Rounded IDE Cable

Two piece Cooling device

One person stated:

Pros: Price. Features. Simplistic design. Compact form factor....

Cons: Unable to mount PCI cards in case b/c case's dimensions were not correct. PCI screw mount is too high, thus cannot screw PCI cards in. <<< *That was my problem!.

Wow... Cool Case. Found two more.

*Parts may change a few times... ^_^

*Case - Fav. so far though :) Though a few complained about size and space wise to put the motherboard in. I laugh cause they should of realized what they were buying lol.

Third Case....

*Case - Nice reviews and to top it off has a nice look to it. Sleek but white. I like black.

Note here: I think I should go with the third case cause of the cooling I would get from it and I like the BIG Blue LED in front. That would be cool to see in tha dark

Going with the third and the total would be $306.89 and yes... that's with shipping. Though I would like that other Micro case lol.

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that tower cost about SGD 350$... :D (in Singapore)

oh.. anyway, you brought your stuff already?


No I haven't but I will. I'll take pictures and post them once I got everything in place :D

Hopefully my Motherboard will fit which it should...

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