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Microsoft, Peter Jackson to form game studio

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Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it will be creating a new video game studio in collaboration with "Lord of the Rings" and "King Kong" director Peter Jackson.

The studio, which will be called Wingnut Interactive, will be a joint partnership between Microsoft Game Studios and its subsidiary studio, Bungie. It will work on the creation of a new title in the hit "Halo" series of games.

Jackson and his Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Fran Walsh, will be directly involved in the creation of the new "Halo" title.

Link: -> Halo Heaven :D )


:whinny voice: **** it, gotta wait till next year to get my hands on 3.... I want it NOW! :end whinny voice:


Cheers from your intrepid webreporter and Halo addict book.gif

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have you seen the trailer for halo wars? i know its completely rendered, but seriously if Ensemble is making it, nothing will go wrong (AoE is GOD). www.halowars.com

if you havent picked up, i am constantly searching halo sites for new news and everything. check out -




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