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K lite Mega Codec Pack Problem - Help Please

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I've had no problems with this previously, but I've recently come across this problem that has been bugging me a lot.

Whenever I select a Quicktime HD (say, the 300 Trailer, but it happens with everything - http://www.apple.com/trailers/wb/300/hd/) then I get the Downloader come up, as per normal, which is great. I can stream it, but in no way can I bloody Download it, for this happens:


This happens in both FF and IE.

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It was my Firewall, SmartDefense was set to Auto and set it to default of deny, so it couldn't connect. I just ran the Installer again, did a Clean Install, then set SmartDefense to manual.

However, the actual file doesn't play properly, refer to my newest post to help please...

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