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MP3 player deciding


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Ok, the Archos 104 4GB up towards the JetAudio iAudio X5 30GB. There's no surprise that their is a BIG difference.

The Archos 104 ONLY plays Audio while the iAudio plays videos "at a amazing good FPS rate" and Audio. The only good thing is that the Archos 104 plays by ID3 Tag which being that plays by Artist, Album, Etc.

though the iAudio has a BIG HDD containing 20/30GB. I have videos but for me I'm not the one to play videos. I'm mainly into just playing Music.

The iAudio has no LED Light so you CAN'T tell if it's on or in Usage. The Archos has a LED showing power,HDD Usage (Which is a BIG plus for me), and charge light.

In all I'll probably get the Archos being that it supports ID3 Tag. (I would hate to make A LOT of playlist containing my fav. Artist and then the album. ID3 TAG saves the hassle of going through and spending time searching.

You may talk about any other MP3 player you want.


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The Sansa is a good player that a few people I know have, comes from SanDisk, a flash drive creator. Very highly recommend from them.

The 2GB version is $115, and plays pictures, videos, and movies, supports ID3 too.

I don't trust Scandisk in their MP3 Player development. Too many lock ups and the player just... doesn't feel trusted.
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