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Ghost Stories


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Ghost Story #1

When I was young, I lived in a deserted kampong deep in the jungle. Every night, my mother would ask me not to go home too late as there won't be any transportation after a certain time.

One night, before going home, I bought a packet of noodle soup for supper. I was late and I waited for the taxi/bus but there was none. I was getting worried as the night was getting darker and darker. So I tried to flag down private vehicles to take me home. There was no one stopping for me, till one motorcyclist took compensation on me and stopped to give me a lift. He was a man with a kind face. I accepted his offer and got onto his motorbike.

On the way home, we would pass by a temple. At night, the temple would look eerily spooky with the dim lights from the candles. At first, the motorcyclist was warm and friendly. When the temple was approaching, the motorcyclist eyes grown bigger and bigger. His kind face turned to a face of anger. He was muttering something loud but was not audible to me. I was so scared that I closed my eyes in order not to see his angry face. Then, the motorcylist stopped in front of the temple and then yelled at me.

"Your noodle soup is so hot!! It is burning my thigh! Can you please move it away???"

Ghost Story #2

When I was young, I have two friends who were very close to each other. They played with each other everyday. It was like, if you see A, you would see B next to him. They were always together. A loved fried eggs. Whenever he went out for lunch or dinner, without fail, he would ask for fried egg on top of his noodles, fried rice, etc.

One day, A involved in an accident and died. B was devastated. B went to the cemetery to pray everyday. He would go to the nearest restaurant and ta pao a box of fried rice with an egg on top to be offered to A when he went to pray to him.

The next day, he opened the box and there was no egg inside! B was petrified. He thought, must be A who came and took the fried egg away. The same thing happened the next day and the day after that. B was confused. So, one day, he asked the chef to make the same fried rice with a fried egg again. Then, he went to the cemetery to offer it to A. Curious, he opened the box to check for the egg. He was angry to find that, there was no fried egg in the box after all.

Feeling that he had been cheated, he went back to the restaurant and demanded to see the Chef. "Where is the fried egg?? I told you there must be a fried egg inside!! You have cheated me for a few days now! Gimme back my money!!"

Then, the Chef got really angry and opened the box - the fried egg was inside the box.

The Chef said, "Stupid! You open the box upside down. No wonder you cannot see the egg!!"

Ghost Story #3

When I was young, I went to town to work with a group of friends during our summer holidays of two months. Being young and away from home for the first time, we drank and smoke like nobody's business. One night, we were p***ed drunk and flagged the last bus down to go home. Being tired, we slept in the bus.

It had been awhile that I fell asleep. I was awake by the chilly wind. I was shocked to find that there was no one in the bus, and I was the last passenger. I looked in front to check out for the driver. But the driver was no where in sight. Yet, the bus was moving. I panicked s***less. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I was not dreaming. The night was dark and cold. I hysterically jumped out from the bus and tried to run as hard as I could to get away. Then I heard someone yelled at me from behind the bus.

"Hey! Don't run away! Come over here and help to push the bus!" yelled the bus driver.

I saw my other friends helping to push the bus, which broke down while I was asleep.

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