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Don't Try Nero 7

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I have Nero 6 Reloaded, and I thought I'd finally upgrade (despite the errors sometimes people have with it) to Nero 7 Reloaded. So I downloaded it, installed, everything seemed to be going fine. I then went to uninstall Nero 6 Reloaded (which it hadn't written over), and it said I must uninstall Nero 7 before uninstalling Nero 6. Seemed strange, but I did it, restarted my PC to go and uninstall Nero 6, and my CD/DVD drives had disappeared from My Computer!

I did a System Restore, and all is fine now, but take heed, stick to Nero 6 Reloaded, or go to somehting else (I think I will now, just can't find anything as good as Nero's Recode DVD).

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I use Nero 7 Ultra Edition. I have no probs. Thing is, I didnt have any other Nero software when I installed it. Yeah, Nero's Recode kicks a**.

Nero's recode is awesome, I might try uninstalling Nero 6 then install Nero 7.

@Eldmannen - Whats the best of the list? Doy uot they do the same as Nero's re encode?

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