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Bruce Schneier - cryptography humour


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Bruce Schneier is a cryptographer and computer security specialist.

He is one of the most famous people in cryptography and computer security.

A genius guy.

There is a geeky humor website about Bruce Schneier, with Chuck Norris-style jokes.

Great site for those who know who Bruce Schneier is or have an interest in cryptography.


I guess not everybody here will get the jokes, you kinda have to be a bit of a geek. :happybday:

It's good to know about cryptography, computer science, computer security, math, physics, etc to get the jokes.

Some random exempts;

* Bruce Schneier has already solved the Goldbach Conjecture. He just enjoys watching us try.

* Bruce Schneier has an Olympic-sized entropy pool.

* When Bruce Schneier observes a quantum particle, it remains in the same state until he has finished observing it.

* Nuclear physicists at Fermilab were amazed to find that Bruce Schneier's internal clock is more reliable than the vibrations of a Cs-133 atom.

* Bruce Schneier doesn't need full vulnerability disclosure because he already knows.

* Bruce Schneier's name appeared in EBCDIC in the output of /dev/random every time there was a full moon. Even after they changed the RNG algorithm.

* On Bruce Schneier's birthday, a person standing at the very center of Stonehenge casts a shadow in the shape of Bruce Schneier's PGP public key fingerprint.

* Bruce Schneier can break elliptic curve cryptography by bending it to a circle.

* Though a superhero, Bruce Schneier disdanes the use of a mask or secret identity as 'security through obscurity'.

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