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HD problems after Windows disk check

Guest MikeHardy

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Guest MikeHardy

Yes I know, that guy again.

After I got back on the air I figured I'd best do the prerequisites before running DAF again.

D;L'd the memory checker and HD checker. Ran both. Mem was fine (need to run more to get to 5x) and HD passed w/ no problems.

Then ran the Windows \tools\disk checker\fix problems\check unused area.

When I came home from shopping had a blue screen of death. "Can't find SAM hive", then later, "can't find necessary DLL files" (this several times).

Booted the install CD, dropped to REPAIR command line. Dir of root showed expected directories. Dir of \windows - "access denied". ACCESS DENIED ? I don't think so! But I've been wrong before.

Any hints ? That was Saturday only hours after fixing my problem w/ misplaced users and copying over SAM and SECURITY hives. Took a restore point too. Now nada.

Took it to the PC hospital today, I have zero experience recovering data from HD or diagnosing peculiar windows boot problems.

Any help appreciated. thanks again.

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  • Administrator

This forum is for the discussion of DjLizard's software. I know that you posted here because it is the only forum with guest access, but please register and post in the correct forum.

Thank you.

Run chkdsk C: /r and also check for S.M.A.R.T. issues with HDTune.

You can also burn a CD image or make a floppy image using Hitachi's DFT, Seagate's SeaTools or Western Digital's Data Lifeguard Tools. Simply boot using one of these images and you can scan the hard drives with extensive tests.

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Tarun, thanks for the pointers under my now closed topic of earlier. That is why I posted here, not a matter of "guest privledges" or whatever. You're right, going to the disk mfgr tools is a good idea.

Further the fact that following the recommended DAF chain of things to do BEFORE running DAF is when this problem occurred. I ran MEMORY test, HDTUNE (which found no problems) and was running/had ran the XP disk check when my HD apparently failed. This fact is why I posted to DAF and not elsewhere, because I was sure someone else would have gone this way before me.

Closing this thread after only the 3rd post seems a little premature to me, someone must feel a bit burned from previous experience, sorry that occurred. I am still in the newbie category and have no idea what other fora may exist here. Also my pc is in the shop and I'm feeling a bit vulnerable.

I'll take it elsewhere and again thanks for the refs, I'm sure there's help there.


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  • Administrator

It is that the issues you were speaking of were not related to Dial-a-fix or DjLizard related software. Since you've registered I can set your topic to the proper forum here at Lunarsoft which would be our Hardware forum.

Now that you've registered I can move your topic to the Hardware forum and reopen the previous, merging this one with it.

Also, welcome to Lunarsoft :)

With Hitachi's DFT, what was your return code?

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