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For those not so computer savvy folk, a 'Run it, check what you want' option can lead to disaster with the not so PC initiated people out there.

You have to allow for some old fogeys out there who still think that PCs are nothing more than grandiose calculators. And 'NO' I'm not one of those.... that is PC challenged. Old fogey, well...... :dramatic sigh:

Don't forget that what you're trying to do (at least that's what I think you're trying to do) is make this a one-stop-shop for security related issues and technical help. And if you leave the answers so short and abrupt people are going to go away not really knowing what it is they need to do.

Not having a dig at you here as I have no problems understanding what it is you're trying to put across, but for the technologically challenged folk, it could be as clear as black coffee...... ::mmmmmm, coffeeeeee::

Cheers ;)

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