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CPU Temp. N/A in BIOS


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Awhile back "A month ago" I tried to run my CPU without any Thermal Paste and that was a mistake. Took it to a computer store near our area and they fixed it. Well, partly. Seems that the BIOS can't detect my CPU temp. Anymore which is hightly understandable. It has been said that sometimes BIOS doesn't always help as it can display wrong Temps.

The guys at the store said when I tried to power my PC on it slightly damaged a few pins on the CPU. I was lucky they said. I've learned from my mistake.

My B-Day is coming up on Saturday "I'll be 20" and I wanted to know how to apply Thermal paste on an A Socket AMD Athlon Xp CPU. I've google and I've read only to apply a small amount. Are you suspose to apply it all around the CPU top surface or... what. I didn't quite get that part in my search. I've also read adding too much can cause overheating or something similar. Either way though I'd just like to know how. Not that I'm applying it. I have a friend whos doing it as I've never done it before. I'm getting a new CPU anyways and it'll be a AMD Athlon Xp 2400+ or 3000+. Also getting a 2.1 sound system, new case, new sound card.

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You don't really need any thermal paste.

It is used to increase the thermal conductivity.

Though, it might be a good idea to use thermal paste as it gives you advantages such as couple degrees lower temperature.

The best thermal paste is probably "Arctic Silver 5", though its more expensive than competitors.

The thermal paste is to help lead heat from the CPU core to the heat sink.

Only a thin layer should be applied.

You can use a telephone card or a razor, I think.


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