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Forum upgraded to next minor version

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Report all issues and bugs here.

Mods that have been reapplied:

  • Group Name Indicator (v3.3)
  • Members Online Today (v3.2)
  • PM Preferences (v1.0)
  • Members Age In Topics (v1.1)
  • Board Panel (v1.0)
  • Statistics (v1.1) - known to be buggy.

Mods that may not or will not return:

  • Colored names in forums/topics/posts. Will not return, far too intensive on the server.
  • Member's Local Time In Topics.

To Do:

  • You BBCode

All of these mods have to be reapplied every time there is a new forum release so I've been cutting down on some mods. One of those is the Local Time in Topics posts where you could see the local time in a members user information under their location.

If there is a mod that you are interested in, comment and there will of course be a discussion.

Also, I will look into compressing/pruning some of the forums that are never really used often. I would like to see a lot more activity here, which includes News posts, reviews and more. Remember that News posts are open for all members to make a post. Not only are you sharing with us something that interests you, but you're helping the site as well.

Suggestions/etc are welcomed and will be discussed.

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  • Administrator

I liked the colored names too, however the toll it was taking on the server and database just wasn't worth it. Right now you'll see in the footer anywhere from six to twelve queries. With the mod that allowed for colored names, the amount of queries were always in the forties.

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