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Hi Everyone,

I guess I am here more or less for the same reasons you all are. I'm having a little trouble with my machine and would like to be able to fix it.

I live in Charleston, SC, and am watching the sun come up this AM as I write this. It's going to be another miserable 110+ degree day - just like yesterday. The city was deserted - only a few people walking around and they were tourists thinking they would come to the sea and cool off! HaHa - not in this lifetime..it's probably hotter here than where they were from..the humidity, and we sit in a bowl-like depression, up the mouth of two rivers....it's pretty but very humid and hot. grrr.png

I remember one July we actually had hail and sleet and snow...would be nice right about now. oh..there goes my Grey Parrot telling me "Good Morning"..and she's hungry! :hello:

Got to go..and post my probs..

and get some zzzzzzzz's.


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