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Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive


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This little thing is totally awesome and a must have for any tech. There are even two sizes. 2.5GB and 5.0GB. (I just got mine on-sale at Circuit City for $100.00, about $15 cheaper than the 2.5GB)

With a USB 2.0 connection you can transfer files at 480 Mb/s. It quite literally fits in the palm of your hand. The pocket hard drive has a built in 7" long USB cable. Some people with a tower may need a USB cable extension.

    Drive Specifications:
  • 3600 RPM
  • 2MB Cache
  • Width: 0.71"
  • Height: 3.03"
  • Weight 2.2 oz.

With unique shock-absorbers this can take a good drop too, though I don't recommend dropping it! It's hot-swappable, so you don't have to worry about powering your pc off to add/remove this handy little device. You can even password protect your files on Windows based machines. Sorry Mac users!

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looks pretty sweet. and from a fellow tech support guy i can see its potential.. hell could probably even make a script/batch file to update AV/Spyware Definitions/spyware programs/etc... using wget.

could also see it if you have to reformat a customers hard drive, backup any music/pictures/documents.. 5 gigs should be plenty, if not could always dump it onto another computer then get the rest.

now that i think more into it... windows xp is about 3-4 gigs... wonder if you could make a fully functional bootable windows xp from that... although last time i checked most bioses don't allow booting from USB...

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