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Adobe add DRM to Flash


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The as****** at Adobe are adding DRM to Flash.


It is illegal to circumvent DRM by in the US through the evil DMCA law, Europe have similar laws.

This mean that it will be impossible to use third-party SWF (Flash) players, such as Gnash, Swfdec, etc.

It will also mean that people cant exercise their fair-use rights of mixing and parody by downloading flash videos, mixing them, and uploading them. Something that has been very popular on video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

So now Adobe are removing fair-use, mixing, parody, fun, and locking out the competition. They do have some greedy motivation to add DRM, since they sell Flash Media Server 3 which is needed which starts at over $4,000 (with extra fees depending on the number of simultaneous streams).

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