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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for $5

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There are a lot of users out there who are still stuck on dial-up, so updating to Vista SP1 won't be an easy task for them. Thankfully they can order the Vista SP1 DVD from NewEgg for $5.00. It's a great deal for those with dial-up or those who would like to have a hard copy of the service pack.

NewEgg always has very fast shipping and best of all, this offer has free 3 day business shipping. So you'll get it even faster than if you were to order it directly from Microsoft. This DVD is for the Service Pack only and is not a full Windows Vista with SP1 integrated installation media.

Source: NewEgg Vista SP1 Deal

Link: Lunarsoft Frontpage

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Microsoft actually did do this with SP2 for a while, they also included a cd bundle of firewall software and more goodies that were free for 1 year.

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