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FoxEditor v0.7.5.2


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FoxEditor v0.7.5.2

License: Open Source

File SIze: 1.24 MB

ScreenShots: http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots...group_id=148119

HomePage: http://foxeditor.sourceforge.net/

FoxEditor - it's a plain text editor for WindowsXP, based on SynEdit engine.


Multi-interfaced (SDI or MDI);

Support large files;

Syntax highlight for many popular formats (html, pascal, c++...)

Limited support Unicode (ansi compatible symbols only) and UTF8;

Running external programs (compilers) and capture console output;

Support templares and tags;

Save cursor position for opened files;

Fast swith between text and HTML view;

Fast insert HTML tags;

Support all encodings, installed in system;

Support Windows/UNIX/Mac file formats;

Fast comment/decomment string (press Ctrl+/);

Search with regular expressions;

Individual settings, autocomplete (CTRL+J) and run program for each file type;

Highlight hyperlinks (press CTRL+ALT);

Extended open/save dialogs (with preview and list of favorite folders);

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This is not "freeware", it is better than that, it is "free software", also called free open source software (FOSS) or open source.

Freeware is a term that is usually applied to closed-source proprietary software which is offered gratis.

License: Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1).

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Don't mention it , my pleasure Tarun, and Eldemannen duly noted and License description has been corrected I just typed it wrong thanks for pointing that out. (Oh was that advice free or open source hahahah :gold: )

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