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What was the first ever thing

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Mine was 'sex'.

I can't remember what search engine I used, it was long before Google,

I had no security programs installed, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and the likes.

God knows what bad stuff I ended up with, but I used to format and reinstall windows 95 a lot in them days, (I was always screwing it up).

I remember typing it in and clicking the first link, then saying to my wife who was sitting on the chair behind me watching TV, "Look what I have got on the computer"

She replied, "Trust you".

Times have changed though............. now I don't tell her. :hug:

Only joking, I don't even go there anymore.

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mine was of all things were recipes and cooking instructions for methamphetamines. i know, i know. before everyone gets all excited. i was researching a paper on how easily and available recipes and instructions were on the web. i was a pretty amazed to find most of the sites i found were blocked by a non-profit group. too keep it short i found plenty of sites that had everything one would need.

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