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"Postal" the movie


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"Postal" the movie is now out on DVD or you can watch it on-line at this site:


WARNING: This movie may be offensive to the following: children, the elderly, Christians, Jews, Muslims, cult members, PETA members, the obese, little people, blacks, Chinese, Germans, and just about anybody that has a pulse.

But......a movie can't be all bad....if they use a cat as a pistol silencer.


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I wouldn't expect it to be any good.

Most video game to movie adaptions are crap. (Just look at Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat for example).

Also this movie is directed by Uwe Boll, he has never made a good movie. He always buys the movie rights from games and make movies about them, he made the Doom movie, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, etc.

He approached Blizzard to make a World of Warcraft movie, but they were like noway...

Games usually have pretty crappy background story, so they're not usually very suited for movies, and this guy doesn't do any movies with own scripts, he only do game adoptions, so how can he possible think he can ever come out with anything good.

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