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.NET 1.1 SP1


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The good news is a lot of problems are gone.

I went through all your ideas and did them again and some things are working

Print shop still said it can't find v1.1 I did the permission and it still did not solve that.

Also if I go to start and then help and support is say it can not find the help file

when I do a search it is there????

any ideas?

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I had to run it from the microsoft web site since the help and support on her computer does not work - even though a search show the files ther - in fact I replaced the files with mine and nothing - Microsoft says nothing to download - should I do an install of the 1.1 distributed???

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As usual - I need to check with you

I am up to this point.

If you were successful with the previous steps, navigate to where you stored Dial-a-fix by using the 'cd' command. For example: if you had stored Dial-a-fix on your desktop in a sub-folder called "Dial-a-fix full", then:

Type (including the quotation marks): CD /D "%userprofile%\Desktop\Dial-a-fix full" and press Enter.

If you logged in under a different account or stored Dial-a-fix in a different location, you will need to change to the appropriate directory.

Now type: Dial-a-fix.exe and press Enter.

This is my target on the desk top


What do I type CD is that change directory? /D D drive?

Since I am in C drive



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