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.NET 1.1 SP1


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The good news is a lot of problems are gone.

I went through all your ideas and did them again and some things are working

Print shop still said it can't find v1.1 I did the permission and it still did not solve that.

Also if I go to start and then help and support is say it can not find the help file

when I do a search it is there????

any ideas?

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Looking over the screenshots, did OneCare report infections? If so, we should check for and remove them if any are found.

Please download my Anti-Malware Toolkit and get the Professional package. Then follow the directions in the PC Cleanup guide. After that, please post a HijackThis log.

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I did what you said I hope correctly

The file is less than 13 KB and the upload says file larger than available space

Also attachment space used 1.15 MB of 150K which does not make sense???

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I had to run it from the microsoft web site since the help and support on her computer does not work - even though a search show the files ther - in fact I replaced the files with mine and nothing - Microsoft says nothing to download - should I do an install of the 1.1 distributed???

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As usual - I need to check with you

I am up to this point.

If you were successful with the previous steps, navigate to where you stored Dial-a-fix by using the 'cd' command. For example: if you had stored Dial-a-fix on your desktop in a sub-folder called "Dial-a-fix full", then:

Type (including the quotation marks): CD /D "%userprofile%\Desktop\Dial-a-fix full" and press Enter.

If you logged in under a different account or stored Dial-a-fix in a different location, you will need to change to the appropriate directory.

Now type: Dial-a-fix.exe and press Enter.

This is my target on the desk top


What do I type CD is that change directory? /D D drive?

Since I am in C drive



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