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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames


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I played the first one on xbox. Really awesome game with the airstrikes and blowing up buildings.

I was going to get the second one on 360 but I stayed away because of the reviews, its said to be pretty buggy. I played the demo as well and didn't really get into it.

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Since you just upgraded your pc you should give bioshock a try.

I just played through it and it has one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game(no exaggerations, the game is epic from start to finish.) You can probably get it for pretty cheap on pc now, I got it for $15 on 360.


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20 bucks on Steam, not too bad. I admit I'd like to get Counter Strike Source so I can join some friends.

Mercs 2 got a downloadable content pack for everything except PC. :\

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I don't play much games these days.

In the old days, the gaming industry was so much better. Games took less time to develop, so developers could try out their ideas and make different stuff.

There were lots of good games, and the games were actually fun.

Nowadays, games take much longer to develop, so developers cant afford a failure, so they're more reluctant to try out new ideas and concepts.

Today's games are pretty, but I think they're no fun. They're boring and all the same.

There 15 GTA games with 100 clones. 15 Need For Speed games, with 100 clones. 1000 shooters. Just car games, shooters, sport games.

The only cool games done in the last few years are Portal are Guitar Hero.

Luckily Nintendo have Shigeru Miyamoto, the guy made Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Wii Fit, Wii Music, etc.

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Yeah I don't agree with you at all. Its true that their are a lot of the same games out there but there are tons and tons of original stuff as well. Not all of the games are made by big companies as well. One of the best games I played this year was called Braid, it was made by like 2 guys and released on the xbox live arcade. (and pc soon too I think.)

Games take so long to make because they are a lot bigger and more detailed now. In the "good old days" they just drew a couple of shapes and made them move so you could shoot/jump on them, now they have fully developed worlds that feel life like.

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Yeah, back in the days you could make a game in some some days or weeks, now it can take years.

So you could try out new concepts and ideas, and if the game failed, you could just make a new game, since you only spent some days or weeks anyways.

Now that games can take years to make, you cant afford a game to fail, because then the company goes bankrupt, this makes companies not dare try new concept and ideas, so they just play their "safe cards" and make another shooter, car game, or sport game.

Yeah, Mirror's Edge actually brought something new too.

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