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Question about Norton

Monkey Proof

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after reading djlizards post about norton which i have, how do i view these quarantined logs. when i look through all the log options it shows nothing "quarantined" or "no infected files found" i had norton for a year now and surely by now i shouldve had a trojan or two try and makes its way into my computer but there are no record of anything. more i think about, more worried i'm getting. is there a way to check any kind of log norton keeps that a normal user like me may not know how to check? i recently posted 2 hjt logs which came back clean so thats a little piece of mind there.

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I'm guessing it's how you set up the program.

In the past I used to have TrendMicro and the settings were to 'quarantine' if uncleanable. However, everything that TrendMicro found was cleanable and therefore were deleted automagically.

I've also noticed the same with EzTrust, it first 'quarantines' the infected file, cleans it, then deletes it. Therefore, no log file of 'quarantined' items.

The same may be happening with yours, hope that helps somewhat.

Cheers :hug:

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