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FF 1.5 display problem


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Wasn't the theme, it happened as soon as I installed ff 1.5, that is why I installed the theme which is compatible according to the creator of the theme, to see if it still happened.

It could have been something to do with the theme that I had with the last version though, which was disabled when I installed 1.5 due to not being compatible.

I done a clean install of FF and all is OK now. :lol:

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****, I forgot to firetune it, thanks for reminding me Tarun.

Only thing is at the moment I have to use Slow computer / Fast connection settings.

That should all change at the end of the week, should be able to use Fast computer / Fast connection settings.

Reason for this is I have bought a computer off a mate which I don't know too much about, but he bought it soon after I bought this one so it should be slightly better.

I'm hoping to get it Friday, do a complete reinstall of it, to get me up and running, and then do a complete reinstall of this one for the kids.

Btw, the one I am getting only cost

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Anyone know why I might have the big empty bit at the bottom of my screen?

this type problem is generally caused by a corrupted extension. Often there's a bit of red text in the gray area that tells you which one. I know I've seen it with a caret symbol before, but I don't remember which extension caused that one.

Anyway, you fixed it. Just thought I'd let everyone know where you should look if youi need to troubleshoot a similar problem.

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