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Anti-Malware Toolkit 1.10.197

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Version 1.10.197 has been released.


  • [Added] New option under the File menu to open the folder files are downloaded to.
  • [Added] Menu option in Tools to open Command Prompt.
  • [Fixed] Corrected minor issue in detection of Windows Server 2003.
  • [Fixed] Refresh menu option was not disabled during downloading.
  • [Fixed] Bad URLs (404s, etc.) will no longer cause the application to hang.
  • [Fixed] Fixed several items that would error if they required UAC privileges and were canceled.
  • [Changed] Proxy support has been improved.
  • [Changed] Improved the settings handler code.
  • [Changed] Command line arguments have been improved.
  • [Changed] Minor improvements to error handling.
  • [Changed] Program incompatibilities flagging has been improved.
  • [Changed] Lite, Standard and Professional packages have been removed. To replace them are corresponding Operating System packages.

Download: Lunarsoft

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