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aloha from Hawaii

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Hello all My name is Erika I just moved here to Hawaii. I purchased a computer from Wal-Mart last September.

My enternet explorer was having errors constantly so i downloaded firefox. was doing good I am a online student and have to post assignments in everyday. I need help Micro Soft and Enternet explorer Techs have deleted some of my registry files and I am now unable to post in my school forums Can any one help me. I am on a E-machine computer Windows xp home addition. I am able to browse and chat and post here but unable to in my classes.

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You can use System Restore, roll back to a restore point before the registry deletions were made.

I have tried and system restore can not make any changes to go back it wants a operating disc. Explorer techs erased everything to do with explorer. I am stuck i never had problems with firefox.

I can surf and chat and send online but when i go to classes i can not post or send I asked my school techs and they are puzzled any ideas how to fix this?

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I'm confused - if you never had problems with Firefox, why don't you just use Firefox?

Probably because the school uses some crap online system that uses some IE-only proprietary technology such as ActiveX instead of vendor-neutral open web standard technology.

At least that is my suspicion.

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