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Development of Lunarsoft

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You can review our community rules here. Also, if the need arises for more forums we will evaluate the amount of usage they will get.

I've already seen the forum Rules...

Rules are Strong!

But there is no place to Post !

We need the forums for Milestones,Programming Languages,etc....

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Tarun - A quick add on to improve site rather than full forum content -

How hard is it to add "To Top" in the side area where the 'Report' icon is situated ??-

Sorry but I have almost reported some entries as this is where many forums have a "To Top" icon -

My old fingers get scrolled out (as this is often how I return to top) - :D

I know the R.H. side "lift bar" is there, but you get used to this on many sites -

You do have enough to do without looking too hard at this, but .......

This is getting away from the first post about 'extending the site', more to improving the existing -

Sorry BKR but I saw this as a place to 'maybe' add this - ;)

You can 'Delete' this if it is not suitable for here -

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  • Administrator

The forum software used to have a Top button on every post, however the developers removed it as they saw no actual need for it since people could use their Page Up key. There is a Back to top link at the bottom of the page, if that's of any help.

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