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Alright! Its time to move on...


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Can a quick link be posted (for us dummies) to Windows 7 please -

Also if you are not fully happy with the move to "7" can it be reversed or will it run along side XP - ;)

As I am just a 'mid level' user of these things I have not been sure if I should upgrade or stay with XP for now -

Since BKR 111 (a great fan of all things Windows) is only just thinking of upgrading now does this mean there may be problems still for average users who are "fixed" on XP - Or is it like going fully up to Vista (I don't want that) -

I am refering to any type of 'preview' in the top line - Not full D/load / purchase -

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I found a very good link to "7" and it showed all I really wanted, with many screen shots etc. - ;)

I forgot to ask permission to bring it here but it was on the MBAM forum - ;)

The link was also offering a few "trial" versions to D/load ?? - Not sure about that -

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