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Page Fault in msvcrt.dll

Guest Lower Bronx

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Guest Lower Bronx

Using JAVARA 1.15 under Win 98 SE, I got:

JAVARA caused an invalid page fault in

module MSVCRT.DLL at 0197:7800d3f7.


EAX=00000000 CS=0197 EIP=7800d3f7 EFLGS=00010286

EBX=00000000 SS=019f ESP=0075dc34 EBP=0075df18

ECX=dbd3eda0 DS=019f ESI=00000000 FS=2f1f

EDX=bffcd490 ES=019f EDI=ffffffff GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

f6 46 0c 40 74 09 83 66 0c 00 8b c7 5f 5e c3 56

Stack dump:

00000410 0075dc60 0040211d 00000000 00411159 000000ff dbd3eda0 0e99dc74 00000001 00000001 00000000 00000000 00000003 0075dc80 00000000 00000410

My msvcrt.dll is 6.00.9782.0

Do you have any older versions for downloading?

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Guest Minispeerwerfer

The same problem but newer version of MSVCRT.dll:


JAVARA verursachte einen Fehler durch eine ungültige Seite

in Modul MSVCRT.DLL bei 016f:780121b2.


EAX=0075fae4 CS=016f EIP=780121b2 EFLGS=00010286

EBX=00000000 SS=0177 ESP=0075dc10 EBP=0075dc38

ECX=0075dc60 DS=0177 ESI=00000000 FS=58ef

EDX=bffc0410 ES=0177 EDI=00000410 GS=0000

Bytes bei CS:EIP:

f6 46 0c 40 74 16 83 66 0c 00 8b 45 e4 8b 4d f0


00000410 0075dc60 00000000 ffffffff ffffffff 0075da40 0075fae4 7800f56a 78034ad0 ffffffff 0075df18 0040211d 00000000 00411159 000000ff 0000000a


MSVCRT.dll - Version 6.10.8637.0

OS: Win98 SE

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Guest Minispeerwerfer

Why not?

Win98 SE is still good for surfing at the web and Office97 contains the most needed functions. (private letters, calculations etc.)

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A crash like that in the C runtime dll (EIP is the faulting address, meaning the instruction pointer is invalid) usually means the application calling one of the pure C functions has failed, and MSVCRT gets the blame because it's the runtime DLL (similar to ntdll.dll crashes - it's not ntdll.dll's fault, it's just the API .dll). You can update MSVCRT all you'd like, but the problem is with JavaRa.

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