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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2010!


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Welcome to the year 2010 here at Lunarsoft! Also, welcome to our new server (in case you missed our messages about it)

Here's to a safe and happy new year! :P

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A belated Happy New Year to you all...and Merry Christmas, too (even more belated). Just getting over the flu :P , and finding the energy to communicate returning :P .

That wasn't the problem right after Christmas, though. Then, I was busy trying to diagnose/fix crashing with my new (old) game, Command&Conquer Generals Deluxe Edition (a re-release that includes the Zero Hour expansion). Got that taken care of, turned out to be a driver problem (more about that another time).

Hope everybody had a good time over the holidays. :P:yay: We haven't actually finished Christmas yet here; between illness and broken plumbing, we're having it in stages. The tree hasn't dried out yet, so we're in good shape.

Have a great 2010...or, at least, a tolerable one ;) .

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