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hello to all was away too long

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Well I've been away due to my mother in law's illness. She is a 96 year old with kidney failure and it's been very hard on my wife and myself. she is back in the hospital since last Monday and she will be eventually going to a rehab center. my job for the last 10 months was that of a dietician. monitoring her protein intake. my wife's job was paying bills and actually the pharmacist she. mom takes 12 different medicines in some combination in 6 different intervals if anyone is of the age of 40 you should be taking in 50 grams a day. i would use a dri erase board every nite to make a menu out counting calories and protein intake. if she had an infection due to low immunity. even if i pumped full of protein at levels of 80 grams it would get a low reading in the reports i would receive cause protein is vital to immune system and it would be low when it was under stress of infections. My day as well as my wife's day was from 7am till 3am every day. so i have time to be around due to her being in hospital. we are finally getting a reprieve and needed rest. So in the near future i wil be posting some good programs and info for you. please just bear with me cause im really trying to get my bearings.Thank You RTZ

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