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What do you do for employment?


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And what is your average day like? Long, short, do you work days, nights? Do you like your job?

I work for a large international courier company. Been there 12 years. I work 7 am until 5 pm, but get a 2-3 hour lunch each day. I drive a cube truck and deliver envelopes and parcels to businesses and homes. My run is in my own neighbourhood, so i get to come home and see the wife and kids and do odd chores or play on my computer. punk.gif

In the past I have worked in the warehouse and the office, but i love to drive the most. Its brutal in the winter at times (as cold as -35 celcius) but beautiful in summer (as high as +35 celcius). I get to meet people all day, and it keeps me active, which I think helps keep me healthy. I have had jobs in factories and offices, and i find its hard to stay awake being in one spot all day.

I love my job. It pays very good, full benefits, and lots of paid vacation each year. The work is physically hard, but the day goes fast, and we are treated well.

Thats mine! Hows about the rest of you folks? :lol:

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Hmmm, mine's short and sweet.


Left school at 18 and joined the Australian Regular Army (ARA). Spent 20 years there and left looking for greener pastures.... My last job in the ARA was as the Finance Manager for my unit.

I went feral for 10 months (long hair, beard, etc) working in the maintenance industry and made my way from Trades Assistant (gofer) to Site Supervisor within 5 months and stayed there for 10 months.

My better half then showed me an advertisement in the local newspaper looking for a Finance Manager to be employed within the ARA . Lo and behold it was the exact job that I'd left 10 months earlier excepting it had now being 'civiliansed'.

Reading the ad I noticed that I'd missed the cut-off date by 2 weeks, however, after reading further, the contact number and person was my old boss (a Major). So I made a quick phone call asking whether I still had a look in and he said if I could send him my CV within the day I'd be put on the short list.

Long story short. I'm back where I was in the Army except now I'm doing the same job as a Public Serpen..... erm..... Servant.

And yes I still bleed 'green', even though I'm now a civilian my loyalties lie with the ARA more than they do with the Public Service.

And all things going according to plan I'll still be here when my 20 years is up and I'll retire from the workforce then and spend time travelling around this great country.

Pay and Conditions

Pay rate for the Public Service is now commensurate with the ARA, so in essence I'm still earning the same, but don't have all the benefits of Army Personnel, ie; I now need to pay for my medical and dental and have to provide my own place of residence, apart from that there is minimal difference to allowances and days off.

Working environment is basic, I share an office with 2 others but that is no inconvenience as we all tie in together with what we do. My focus is money, whilst the others look after bombs, bullets, fuel, etc.

A working day for me is from 8am till 4.30pm and I accrue 1/2hr flextime each day letting me take an RDO once a fortnight if I want.


The only downside to all this is that I now travel over 1,000kms (620 miles) a week commuting, but having upgraded to a diesel 4x4 the ouch factor in fuel costs isn't that bad.

Heheh, so much for short and sweet :eyeroll: but thats me wrapped up for the last 25 years.

Cheers :lol:

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To start from the beginning, left school at 16, got a job as a toolmaker, got the sack after three and a half years.

Next job was a carpet salesman in a shop, got the sack after nine months.

Was a great laugh, we used to have a drink in the shop and have fire extinguisher fights.

Next job was in the carpet department of another shop, stuck with this one for two months, (but, this is the good part I left through choice).

Was hard work and boring, but was local to my girfriends house (now my wife).

Next job was an electrician, even though I could only just about wire a plug. Got made redundant after eleven years.

Kids were born around this time so loads of hours was a necessity, sometimes worked from 8am to 2am the following morning on weekdays and 7am to 5pm weekends.

Again great fun, had a nice pub very local to us, (good for lunchtimes).

Next job, still an electrician, got made redundant after eighteen months.

Hours worked could vary a lot with travelling all over England necessary.

Boss was an ogre, (to most of the employees, but OK towards me).

Present job, still an electrician, been there six years so far, future looks safe.

I work from 8am to 6pm with half hour lunch, and half hour travelling each way.

Mainly factory based, but do get to travel further afield sometimes.

Added bonus is I get to play with computers sometimes in this job.

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i am still looking for "what i want to do". lol! i took my current job after a string of jobs,(fast food, carpentry, hairdresser, steel worker, bindery, etc.) and it was (is? :P ) just until i find out what i want to do. during my employment i managed to graduate from labour college and university (human resource management). luckily, university was paid for by my employer punk.gif

maybe one day i will wear a tie to work........... :hello:

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Well when i first popped out I was LATE and a rebel from the start. Grew up in a Great home and family. Mom and Dad just celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. :hello: My family is all real close and very loving.

Me, I went thru school and had a pretty good time of it. In college I studied Police Science with most of the PD from Kansas. I made straight A's. Then they stuck me as a meter maid for 1 1/2 years. (back then if you were a woman and wanted on the force, you had to do far more than a man needed to do and I wasn't playing THAT game, if ya know what I mean) I decided I would look around and see what other trouble I could muster up.

Now hold on to your seats cuz the rest of this might be not be something you can handle :P

I moved to Dallas and it was very hard finding a job. I became a waitress for a bar here and started drinking pretty heavy. I'd only been here for 6 months. One night I was on the way back from Houston (drinking and driving) and stopped off at a rest stop to call my brother to tell him that I was going to be late for work and less than 20 minutes later I was rolling my car in a ditch. I flew out somewhere smashing the steering wheel into the dash board with my chest, breaking all the ribs on my left side, and punturing both my lungs. When I flew out I landed in the only muddy spot under the bridge that I almost hit, and in the fall I broke my back in 2 places. I instantly knew that I couldn't feel my legs and was very afraid to move. The guy that was with me, had a dislocated shoulder but other than that, he was fine. He had to tell me that my legs were still there. I've been in a wheelchair ever since. I'm a paraplegic, that means I can't move from the waist down. I do have feeling to the knees, but haven't kicked anyone in awhile :)

Since that time, I've had two kids, that I brought up by myself since they were 2 and 3 years old, use to play wheelchair tennis all over the U.S.A, played wheelchair basketball all over the U.S.A. and then I started riding horses. I hung up my tennis racket and put away the basketball. I found my FREEDOM!!! LOL I became a U.S.A. alternate for the paralympics in Atlanta in 1996. I trained the horses to walk with wheelchairs, not be afraid of the ramp that we have to go up to mount the horses and I took really good care of them. Bathing them was great fun, but usually I got wetter than they did. I've traveled all over the U.S.A. and almost made it to England once. I just couldn't come up with the funds in the 10 days that I had to do it in. I've been on TV, in the newspaper, in the National Appaloosa Magazines and use to speak all over Texas to people about drinking and driving. I hope to do it again sometime. (Funds should be coming in in the next 6 months or less) BIG SMILE

I was in and out of the hospital for about a year and a half so my work kinda stopped for awhile.

After that time, I worked for a Bank, Had my two kiddos, went back to College and I owned my own chimney and fencing business for 6 years. Got out of that and took off a bit to get my kids thru their tougher years of school. I wanted to be there for them, not at a job somewhere. Later I started doing tech support for one of the biggest computer companies around. They took my job and moved it to Canada LOL That happened over a year ago and I've not been able to find employment since. In the meantime I've been writing a book. BUT...I NOW have a 2nd interview with Home Depot, so hopefully I'll be working there soon. (not my first choice) LOL

I do want to say that in my accident even tho I didn't hit my head on anything, I noticed that I would forget things sometimes and the doctors say that it's because in flying (my take off was GREAT, but my landing was a b***h, LMAO) and hitting that hard, rattles the brain and prolly hit part of my memory on the walls of my skull. SO, if I don't do something on a daily basis, then I tend to forget. So pardon me if I get confused in here, When I did tech support, I was doing it on a daily basis and I was pretty good. Course that company wouldn't let us touch most of the things we touch on in here either.

Anyway, that's pretty much me and my job history in a nutshell.

I've done more in my lifetime than alot of people that are much older than me. I'm happy, my kids are grown and I have a Grandson. So if ya have a tiny bit of sorrow for ME, don't. I'm a very strong person and I'm just trying to live life to it's fullest. :P

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  • Administrator

Just finished my college semester. So I'll have free time till January, when I'll get a job and continue college. All my other time goes to surfing the web, working on the site, and posting on forums.

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I’m a k9 cop as most everyone knows by now. I have been in law enforcement for almost 8 years now. Been k9 going on 3 years. I started off as a search and rescue volunteer with the los angels county sheriffs department. Moved to Washington and became a police officer here. I am also a volunteer D.A.R.E officer at the local schools when I have time. My partner I work with is a narcotic/patrol dog named Jary, who’s an 8 year old german Shepard with a super nose for drugs. He once responded on a single marijuana seed in a suspect’s car. We have been to 2 competitions in the past taking 1st place in detection consecutively and 3rd and 2nd place for patrol/aggression. We are also “b team” members on the county swat team. We’ll assist the “a team” when needed which has been most of the time lately. Since we are one of the few dual trained k9 teams in the region we are always on pager and always called out to assist other departments. Being a cop is hard, most of the time you see the ugly things that people can, things that can make you really mad or make you want to cry. Sometimes we get lucky and get a call that will make you laugh or you know that you helped someone in need. That’s a great feeling. I also volunteer with my girlfriend helping out at a local soup kitchen and at a senior citizens home. Playing bingo with some of the old folk is really fun, the really get into.

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