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Avatar & Sig ?

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Just wonderin'...

I removed my avatar (it was ugly) in hopes I can create a better looking one. I know the file size is 80KB max but what about the size in

pixels? Also, I see that there are really few limits on an image for the sig (at least according to the info) but what is a descent size for

the forums (in pixels and KB)? I don't want anything intrusive but I would like to get an idea of what you think might be a reasonable

image sig in both pixels and KB. Again, just wonderin'.

Hopefully kwikpiks would be a reliable source for hosting a sig... :thumbdown:

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  • Administrator

I'm going to quote the community rules for you Mike as I believe they will answer all your questions. :thumbdown: Also if I recall correctly when you go to upload an avatar it will tell you what is allowed there too.

Avatars are a luxury for the members to have. Avatars can be a maximum of 100x100 and 80KB in size. Avatars can also be in any of the following formats: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.

Signatures can be a maximum of 500x125 and 80KB in size. You may have six lines of text in your signature at the standard text size. Advertising in your signature is not allowed. Forum signatures are to be used respectfully, so do not annoy our members by making your signature into some sort of web ad.

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I guess the message here is -> If all else fails read the documentation. :cry: I don't know how I missed that :thumbdown:

If I can figure out how to use Inkscape or GIMP I may create something otherwise it will remain empty, thanks for the info.

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