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Are there any plans for a windows 7 version of Dial-A-Fix.

As I understand the version freely posted on the web only supports up to Windows XP.

Any other freeware packages like it that supports Vista and 7?

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Welcome to Lunarsoft, johngoodin.

As of this time, the next best thing that we can safely recommend is Microsoft Fix It.

Please, Please, Please, create a new version of your great software tool for Windows 7. Windows 7 is going to be the "NEXT" PC OS standard, and without your great tool,

troubleshooting PC issues will get a little harder! I will be willing to pay for such a tool, if need be, so please continue..

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^ This.

Less chances of bugs and critical problems like getting your C:\Documents folder deleted despite being known about and no effort going into fixing it. :\

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