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Calling the UK People :)

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I'm familiar with the store, there are loads of them in the UK, especially London, but I very rarely go in one, the only one I probably tend to go in, is one in a shopping center called Bluewater, but I just really pass through it rather than go in for a reason.

If I do find myself near one in the near future, I will pop in for a look at the dart thing.

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Cool CaPMan, they were talking about the US can't get them and it would prolly go like HotCakes here :hello:

Tarun, that's pretty cool too! That would be a Neat idea for my Grandson, so he won't kill them LOL I have a 10 gallon fish tank on my desk here by my computer.

MP, now that's a cool idea too. They would have to make sure the Hamster wheel squeaks too rofl.gif

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