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Billy Bob


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Billy Bob goes to the big city to look for a job. He enters a huge department store and asks if they are hiring. He is sent to the Head of Sales.

Head of Sales : “ We could use a new salesman. Do you have any experience?”

Billy Bob : “I worked a couple of summers at the feed store, back home.”

Head of Sales: “Well this may be a little different. We sale everything, from fine china to new cars. Our sales people usually have 30 or 40 customers a day.”

Billy Bob: “I think I can handle it.”

Head of Sales: “Fine, be here tomorrow at 8 AM sharp. I have a meeting to attend but I’ll check on you around noon.”

The next day, the Head of Sales runs into Billy Bob in the cafeteria.

Head of Sales: “Well, how many customers did you have this morning?”

Billy Bob: “Just one.”

Head of Sales: “ONE!!!! You should have had a dozen by now. You wont make a very good salesman, if you only see one customer in half a day. I hope this customer bought something.”

Billy Bob: “Yep, his total came to $83,264.37.”

Head of Sales: “$83,264.37 !!! What the HELL did you sell him?”

Billy Bob: Well, he wanted to buy a hook to go fishing and I told him he wouldn’t do any good with a plain hook, so we went to sporting goods and loaded him up with fishing tackle. Then I learned that he didn’t have any fishing rods, so we picked out a couple of dozen of our best rod and reel combos. He said he didn’t have a boat, so I showed him that 20 footer with the 300 horse outboard. He said his Porsche wouldn’t pull anything that big, so we went over to automotive and got him one of them big 4-wheel drive SUVs.”

Head of Sales: “I can’t believe it. A man comes in here to buy a hook and you sell him $80,000 worth of stuff.”

Billy Bob: “Actually, he didn’t come in to buy a hook.”

Head of Sales: “What did want to buy?”

Billy Bob: “He said his wife had sent him to the store to buy some Tampons and I said , “Well….looks like your weekend is SCREWED, you might as well go fishing.”


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