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Roxio Media Manager


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For the last 3 months I have Roxio Media Manager keeps trying to install. It says unable to find a certificate. I went through the registry and eliminated all roxio lines and it still tries to load. Any help would be appreciated.

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problem is that it came installed in the computer and that is an old version - i have a new version but i am scared to install it cause it took hours to delete every roxio from the register???

Thank you

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This is a known problem listed in the Roxio Knowledge Base


When installing Roxio software, you receive the error:

Unable to find a certificate file

And cannot continue the installation.


You may have a preexisting copy of Roxio software that you purchased or from a hardware manufacturer, such as a DVD burner or computer that is conflicting with the installation of the new software.


You will need to perform a clean installation of the software to eliminate any previous versions of the software.

A complete list of uninstall articles can be found here for all our versions and on supported operating systems.

The link under the word "here" is: http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?q=complete%20uninstall


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This was a suggestion - I did it all- no luck - BUT I am not sure how to use the event information.

I think it contains the solution - I hope

This appears to be a continuation of your Roxio Media Manager thread, you should have posted a follow-up (there) and not started a new thread (here) easier to keep track this way.

Did you follow James' suggestion with links in post #4? If not, give that a shot.

The installer may be hidden, have you tried to find it after Show(ing) hidden files and folders - be careful. Have you checked Event Viewer to see if an installer has been flagged as a troublemaker, possibly in Application...?

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