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Firefox 5.0


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Firefox (referred to as Fx) is an open source browser developed by Mozilla. The second most popular browser worldwide, Firefox features a customizable user interface that allows you to enhance it using custom themes and Personas. Personas change the appearance of the user interface without rearranging the elements. Themes however, can completely change the UI ranging from the types of buttons to the color sceme used. Add-ons allow you to customize Firefox to your liking to make a more enjoyable web surfing experience. Some examples of popular add-ons that you can use to customize Firefox are AdBlock Plus, DownThemAll!, TabMixPlus and many more.

Firefox has tabbed browsing, bookmarks, a built in session manager, private browsing, personas, themes, add-ons and more. Firefox does not use ActiveX which helps make it a more secure browser. Firefox does make use of many plugins to enhance your web experience. From Shockwave, Flash, Quicktime and more; your browsing experience reaches new levels with the Firefox browser.

Downloads: Firefox 5.0 | All builds

View: Release Notes

Homepage: Mozilla Firefox

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Actually, Firefox 5 is a release candidate at this time - the final release is scheduled for June 21st. It probably will be the same build, but that's not absolutely certain.

No harm done, though - you didn't link to Mozilla's FTP site, like many are doing. Their FTP is not mirrored, unlike their regular HTTP downloads, and gets overloaded when too many try to download from it at once.

The fact that the above links are not active yet is a good thing. The Mozilla folks get all bent out of shape if you post the FTP links.

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Having just upgraded one computer direct from 3.6.x to 5.0, I don't like some of the changes.

For example, why did "Organise Bookmarks..." disappear, to be replaced with the completely counter-intuitive "Show All Bookmarks"?

Also "Show All Bookmarks" goes against UI design principles by not having "..." at the end.

Nor can I bookmark new tabs directly into my menu system because the entire "Bookmark This Tab" UI has been removed from each tab. That 5-pointed star is relatively useless. :megarant:

Also, I have to put the Status Bar back again with the Status-4-Evar addon.

Despite all this, it's not bad!

Hey, there's even an emoticon for this: :firefoxlove:

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Nor can I bookmark new tabs directly into my menu system ...

OK, I found how to do what I want.

Can't bookmark by right-clicking on a tab any more, with the context menu removed, but I can still bookmark a Page because that menu still exists. Right-click anywhere neutral in the, er, tab page, but not the tab itself, click Bookmark This Page and the full dialog that I want pops-up under the 5-pointed star at the end of the address-bar. Neutral means not a picture/image/icon, not a link, not an edit box, not the address bar area, not.....


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  • Administrator

According to Mozilla's Wiki, 64-bit isn't going to happen any time soon.

There's no ETA at all and the status is stuck at "Information gathering."

There's neither a Lead Developer nor a Product Manager yet assigned to it.

Yeah, I'm afraid x64 is low priority.

The Firefox 5 link above is now live. Right on schedule - I think that's a first.

That's really disappointing. I've been using the x64 nightly builds since they had a 5.0 x64 nightly. No issues at all.

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