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Single Software Update Thread - for easier updating

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I'm not sure how, or if it's possible, but a single application thread like the Sysinternals page.

Since the description, most links, etc are static, and only the version number and changes would need editing, I wonder if it's possible to have a thread that multiple people could update - without changing the user's status of course?

I was going to update a few apps but as I began to do it I realized I was copying the same text over again - why not have a single thread for regularly updated apps popular here at Lunarsoft? If possible, collect a few images from the app's homepage and upload them to use to make for a nice thread home here (app image, download icon etc), then all anyone would need to do (assuming permissions to edit the thread exist) is update the version number, date updated, and changelog info. Add a update post mentioning the application has been updated, if multiple pages exist have a nice icon pointing to the first post.

I know you already have that power but you lack the time to always update, maybe this would make it easier to get the needed info out there and you alone wouldn't be solely responsible. A user could request to be added, your decision. I'm not sure if this is possible, to set aside a space on the forum where multiple users could edit a single thread without compromising forum security - just an idea.

I could create as a trial say a foobar and CCleaner thread, if you like the idea keep it, if you would rather just have a new thread for each update delete the thread, I would not be offended in the least, I understand what may seem OK to me may not actually be a good idea in practice, your call :)

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After reflecting a bit on my post and reading your other comment about little activity on the forums, at least with regard to software updates, though the brainstorming was helpful my idea is lacking, not smart. I realize it doesn't get much easier than the standard rss feed subscription or email update, I just got a reminder, this is really a simple way to get notified - directly from the source. Why bother with all the effort in formatting a post! Plus, too much risk involved in allowing users who are hardly around to have that kind of access - probably not wise.

When you get the new AMT rolled out, along with the HJT logs - both should keep you plenty busy, and maybe give you more time for a private life :) I guess if I was to rewrite my post I would suggest - free up some needed time, make life easy - point to rss feeds and email updates and don't bother with creating new threads each and every time. Looking at the numbers, not too many views anyway, less than I would have expected.

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