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Adobe Flash Player 11 (_Final_) Released

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1021__flashPlayer2.gifAdobe Flash Player 11 for ( IE ) & ( Non_IE ) Browsers

*** Adobe Flash Player 11 - More Info

Direct Downloads for offline installers - 32-bit & 64-bit.

Latest Version: // November 10, 2011

(Adobe) Flash Player for Mozilla, Firefox, Opera & Netscape

*** Flash Player ( Non_IE ) 32-bit

*** Flash Player ( Non_IE ) 64-bit

(Adobe) Flash Player for Internet Explorer

*** Flash Player ( IE ) 32-bit

*** Flash Player ( IE ) 64-bit

Test Your Flash Player Installation

*** Flash Player Install Test @ Adobe


If your browser isn't listed, check Adobe, if it can be added to the list, it will.

These static links should pick up the latest (non-beta, RC...?) versions, check version number before installing.

For a silent install use this switch -> install_flash_player_ax_32bit.exe -install

Link: Lunarsoft

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I haven't installed v11 yet, not sure if the -install switch still works for a silent install???

I think yes, after all Adobe only changed it at version 10.1 when they went from "Coral" to "Argo".

There's been no complaints on the Adobe Flash forums.

However, there have been complaints that the web installer (not the above direct links) doesn't always work in IE.


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I updated to Flash 11 using the offline installer and indeed -install works for a silent install.

I hope Firefox finally gets an official 64 bit build out.

Finally, they have 64-bit builds.

I edited 2 posts, #1 & #3, moved most of the information to post #1. I also added direct links to the 64-bit installers.

Please let me know if I need to make corrections to post #1.

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Update: Flash Player v11.1.102.55

Adobe changed the download link again, please report any issues :) Btw, there's already a new beta out,

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