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CCleaner 3.11.1550


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CCleaner v3.11.1550 Released

v3.11.1550 (04 Oct 2011)

- (Build 1550) Fixed Recycle Bin issues.

- Added initial support for Windows 8.

- Added expanded Recycle Bin contents in detailed view.

- Improved Thunderbird cache cleaning support.

- Improved Safari history cleaning.

- Improved "Unused File Extensions" registry rule improvements.

- Improved Secure file deletion on FAT32 file system.

- Improved Drive Wiper tool to prevent UI freezing.

- Improved cleaning for Windows Log Files, Memory Dumps, Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.

- Improved Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus cleaning.

- Added cleaning for AkelPad.

- Added Latvian translation.

- Minor bug fixes.

Homepage: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

Downloads: http://www.piriform....ccleaner/builds

Link: Lunarsoft

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Nice to see they're quick with initial support for Windows 8.

I'm inclined to be extremely rude at this point -- considering what the "C" in CCleaner stands for and that I've seen the developer preview of Windows 8 which is -- how can I put this -- not even near Beta quality, in other words it's complete c**p, then does "support for Windows 8" mean it removes it all ??

MwaHaHaHa! :devil:


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Just a note, Tarun likes the slim installer, I didn't see it listed. Anyway, if you scroll down from the download page to the builds page link, click it, you will see standard and portable versions. Link in post #1 updated.

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The slim version is now listed on the builds page: http://www.piriform....r/download/slim

The current filename is ccsetup311_slim.exe.

It's not just Tarun -- most of us prefer/recommend the slim version because it doesn't come loaded with FoistWare.

Piriform, however, have a habit of delaying listing the slim version every time there is an update.


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It's not just Tarun -- most of us prefer / recommend the slim...

James is spot on. Plus, Piriform has no excuse for not having a slim...

OK, you guys have a creepy fascination with the slim.

I might have exercised a bit of a creative license, not completely positive though!!! :)

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