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I need help to remove babylon toolbar

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It's a little off topic,butI found babylon toolbar installed on my laptop recently.
Don't know how it was installed, while i did not installed anything for months.
Now I wan't to get rid of it and it seems like I'd have to do something more than a simple removal from the "Add/Remove program" option. It must have something to do with the registry, but I can not able to clean that.
The other day someone in yahoo answers suggest a removal guide, it's Removed by Staff
it requires to download an antivirus not heard before,
I just want to make sure everything won't go wrong again.
so does anybody knows about this product or is there a simpler way to remove this everyone hated toolbar? :shocking:

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MajorGeeks hosts a program that will clean that out,Junkware Removal Tool .


I've used it, seems to be pretty safe - makes a backup of your registry before it removes anything. I recommend MajorGeeks as a download site, they have a wide selection of software which has all been tested free of malware.

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Good catch! Wish I'd known about Junkware Removal Tool (JRT.exe) when cleaning out Conduit for a client last month.


It's also available over at Bleeping Computer, where it is currently showing as the #3 most-downloaded security utility.



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It does a nice job on Conduit, I've used it for that. I'm on a shared computer, so I really needed a tool like JRT. Must admit I'm not totally immune myself, got nailed with something called Sweetpacks a while back. Never heard of that one before, but JRT got rid of it.

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