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bot check problem


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The last few times I ran spy bot the results showed:

windows security center.antivirus disable notify and windows security center disable notify.firewall.

Each time I clicked "fix" and they keep coming back. I am on IO, XP, and use McAfee antivirus and firewall protection.

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I'm preparing to download AVG. McAfee ran out. What about these windows alerts now? Am I safe? (Happy New Year)


You will still be safe, it is just Spybot S&D trying to do the same sort of job as Windows Security Center, which is a bit of a pain in the a** really.

Happy new year to you too.

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  • Administrator

So glad I checked your site before downloading. Thanks again!

Quite welcome! We've got a lot coming for the new year. Revamped PC Maintenance guilds, FAQ section and maybe a few other goodies. :cuddle:

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