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Not long now...

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Although he came early for me.

I got my wireless router today. (Thanks Santa).

I have networked two computers at home so far, will do another as soon as I get a wireless network adaptor or an ethernet cable, and the forth one can wait a while longer.

Won't bother with the other three though.


Merry Christmas everyone

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I didn't buy them all, 3 were bought new, 2 were bought from a mate and the other 2 were given to me.

I adopt computers the way others adopt animals.

It is really warm here in the UK at the moment, which is really strange for this time of year, (must be global warming).

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shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CJ, it's finally NICE here in Texas! LOL If I was at my new home and had no where to go that day and night, and it was snowing outside, I'd have both fireplaces going and being toasty have some hot chocolate and looooooooove the winter. But I can't do that right now, and I get cold to the bone! LOL

I do think tho, it's really weird here in Texas, when I was up North there were lots of White Christmas'

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO CAPPY and EVERYONE. *getting teary eyed* Family outta be together. *sniff sniff* Can you imagine all of us and all our families together in one place? LMAO noooooooooooo *hanging head* me niether LOL

All I want for Christmas is some LONG JOHNS rofl.gif

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You can tell it's almost here as I am online instead of in bed early so that I'm not too tired to get all the letters delivered! ( I work for the postal service)

Hope everyone gets what they want, with lots of happiness and fun.

Have a GREAT xmas everyone.

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Well here in the UK it is now.

Why doesn't it feel as magical as it did when I was a kid?


YEA CAPPY!!!! And the eyes of a Child makes you feel magical now that we're older!!!! I can't wait to see my Grandson in the morning! He's 3 now and just beginning to understand this year!!!

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